Park Avenue Pizza - 407-599-9199

“This little restaurant gives the bigger ones a run for their money.”

The Best Pizza On The Ave !

Everyone has there own favorite little Pizza Shop in their neighborhood ; a home away from home that is “sauce” full of wonderful eats. The “Park Avenue Pizza” restaurant, a family owned business follows this tasty trend! Located in beautiful Winter Park, Fl, Park Avenue Pizza is a delicious place to grab a slice on the go. The beautiful interior provides a comfortable yet stylish environment that would soothe the hearts and stomachs of anyone walking in, providing a suitable scene to enjoy lunch or dinner. The option to sit outside in the lovely weather is welcomed as well.

Park Avenue Pizza provides a scrumptious selection of food. From Appetizers such as Mozzarella Sticks and Chicken Fingers with Fries and Salads to Hot & Cold Subs, Stromboli and Calzones! I’ve tried the Meaty Calzone with a side of Snapple and was completely satisfied. This place has an assortment of beverages. From Coca-Cola products to your favorite Beers and Wines. If your still hungry for more they carry Blue Bunny frozen treats for those with a sweet tooth.

Overall, this warm-hearted restaurant, brings friends, couples, and tons of neighborhood passerbyers. My Girlfriend and I never hesitant to stop by, whether for a friendly hello from the wonderful owners or to chow down on irresistible pizza!

“Best Pizza EVER! Unbelievably delicious!!”

I don’t know what they’re putting in this pizza but it is incredible. Time after time, it’s consistently awesome, my family and I are totally addicted to it. Knowing how good the pizza is, my husband tried the Chicken Parm…SAME as the PIZZA – OUT OF THIS WORLD good! Great food, great service, very clean restaurant and bathrooms make this “pizza joint” an absolute CAN’T MISS! Trust me, try it once and you too will be a believer! YUM!

“Best take-out pizza in Winter Park”

A pizza and a greek salad delivered to your door is the best dinner when you don’t feel like cooking. The pizza comes quickly and is piping hot. It may not be as “classy” as some of the other restaurants in Winter Park but it will never disappoint you.

“Good pizza, nice service”

We needed good food, fast, and at reasonable prices. We thought this place was perfect for that. We ordered a salad and several slices of pizza. They delivered it to our table fast, hot (pizza) and cheerful. It is not facncy like the places around it but we did not have the time or budget for that and found this place cozy and convenient.